Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Athletics (800 meters)

"On your marks, Set , Bang". I sprinted around the bend then took the inside lane behind Oren "2nd" I thought "come on" so I picked up the pace a bit and overtook him but then Tama was thinking the same. He came up behind me when I was almost done the first lap so I sprinted ahead. As we came across the last 100 meters I couldn't run any faster for some reason I felt like I could but I couldn't. So 2nd.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Athletics (long distance running)

To be fair it wasn't really long distance but I'm just going to call it that anyway. First off we started with laps around a small coned area then we did relays around it, That's where everyone started sprinting. We only did one lap each then we moved on to two and we were still sprinting and then some people got to do three (I was one of them) our team won but then we had to spread the teams out evenly. My team still won by about 1 or 2 meters, so I was still happy. We were going to play a game at the end but we ran out of time like me. Bye.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Top Team

Thud! Shwwwww! Thud! "yes" I muttered as I ran back to the start with the donut hanging at my side ¨can I pull, can I pull¨ shouted Tom ¨Mr Mackenzie¨ I said ¨Can I get my towel .¨ ¨Um no, just kidding¨. I sprinted back up to room one as fast as I could because I was so cold. When I got back I couldn't find my group but then I spotted them on the edge of the field. So I ran over with my towel while everyone else looked so wet and cold and I wasn't sharing it I was already cold enough. Our next task was this Pokemon chance thing with Mr Ashby, you needed to crawl under a net and then flip over pieces of wood with Pokemon's on the other side. I didn't get any at all and our team got smashed. Overall there were about 20 tasks and I enjoyed all of them.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Production Night 4

"Ryan from Australia", "Aussie Aussie Aussie! oi oi oi! ", "Louie from USA", "USA! " , "Abe from Great Britain", "Slurp" "and Harry from umm hmm Ireland" I step, dummy and dive, "TRY" shouted Lucca "SORRY" , "hahah" laughed the crowd. "My Hat" shouted Tama Boom! "I won I won", "hahahah"

Letter to Myself

It's term 4 now and Mr Ashby made us write a letter to ourselves. It wasn't the funnest topic but it was fine.
It was meant to be about how you have gone so far and what you want to do next.

To Harry
You need to try and push yourself more in your writing, especially blogging.
I think you cold try and work on your confidence and make tasks a bit harder
for yourself.

I personally think that i'm going well in maths and reading.
But I need to try and work with some different people.
I also think that i need to try and write more on blog posts.

What I want to be remembered for. I guess I've always liked sports
such as cricket, rugby, hockey, football and basketball.

My Goals are paragraphing, punctuation and decimals.
Cheers Harry.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ski trip

We went skiing a few weeks ago, it was so fun. It was my first ever time skiing. We liked it so much that I think my family is going again in a few weeks. My dad came with me and I have to say it was pretty funny watching him snowboard, I guess it was first time snow boarding as well.